Morgan, 2010-18

Morgan was a bright, sweet and sassy girl who balanced being a tough mixed martial artist with her love of summer dresses, arts and crafts and pretty hair ribbons. She wanted to become a marine biologist and save animals. Her favorite animal was a horse and she loved purple butterflies.

Morgan is the cherished daughter of Bhavana Patel and Kenny Allen. Her little brother Ashton, age 5 is her diametric opposite as he’s rambunctious, mischievous and the class clown. Morgan’s calm, empathic and conscientious nature was a perfect balance for this loving family of four from Tampa, Florida.


What made Morgan extra special was her beautiful soul and selfless nature. For example, when she won a prize at school, she shared it with the child who did not. She made presents for everyone to make them feel special, even if she hadn’t known them long.

On July 23rd 2017, Morgan was diagnosed with a rare Brain Stem Cancer (DIPG – Diffuse Intrinsic Pontine Glioma). Her doctors, limited with options and therapies have told her parents to make lasting memories.  Around the world, there are too few breakthroughs and currently, there is no mainstream treatment or cure for this type of cancer, but, in Mexico there is a trial that shows a lot of promise and Morgan needs to get there.

We initially created this website to help raise funds for Morgan’s treatments; however, having lost our fight, we’ve decided to keep the site alive in memory of our cherished loved one and to help raise awareness of DIPG.  With the progress being made in cancer research, it’s time we dedicated some funds towards this one. No child should have to suffer this type of death and no parent should have to watch it happen.

About DIPG