The journey ends…

Morgan passed away on September 15 at 11:40 PM in John Hopkins Hospital, Tampa, Florida. She had been struggling from upper respiratory congestion and her paralysis created too weak of a cough to get the mucus out. Her body became tired and distressed from trying to cough all the time. It finally took a toll and she just couldn’t breathe on her own anymore.

She suffered for a month. Three doctors, three ER visits, several doctor visits, hospice equipment and medicine, two hospital stays, respiratory therapy, one helicopter transport, tons of blood work and lots of MRIs, X-rays, and CT scans could not help doctors at two different hospitals identify why she was having congestion and how to properly resolve it. Morgan could not get any relief.

Modern medicine may not have been able to provide a treatment for her cancer but modern medicine also could not give her a painless death. Morgan did not deserve this.

I just want give everyone who has helped and supported us this past year a great big hug. Without you we couldn’t have gotten this far. The outpouring of love for a girl that most of you have never met is astounding. I wish the medical, research and pharmaceutical industries could learn from you and know what it means to band together for a single purpose.